Getting a shiatsu treatment means taking care of yourself in a holistic and natural way. Call me today on 07908 690158


I’m a Shiatsu Practitioner, registered with the Shiatsu Society. Shiatsu (shi: finger, atsu: pressure) works along similar principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine which is based on the meridian system of the body, a network of energy pathways.

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What I Offer

Shiatsu is an art therapy of Japanese origin, as most of the Eastern methods, is based on the energy balance of the body and mind as a whole. Shiatsu can give people this being full, experiential awareness of their “universal being” full breath and full motion.

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I offer my treatments from a professional private health clinic in Cambridge
Salus Wellness Clinics
47 Norfolk Street

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What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu, practice of Taoist origin, comes from ancient China, through Japan. Shiatsu is a treatment that works on energy points and paths on the same energy meridians and Acupuncture Points, it is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Shiatsu is a practice that engages the whole being in one = body-mind-spirit. It is based on the Eastern view that sees human beings as part of the universe that surrounds, made the vital energy that constitutes the whole universe in the Eastern concept does not exist so the concept of illness, as the concept of energy imbalance, which can change and be changed, because the energy has the characteristic of being dynamic, constantly moving and subject to change and transformation. Shiatsu can ‘give people this be full, experiential awareness of their “universe be”, full breath, full motion. Shiatsu is the experience of finding themselves: find the body as a home- rediscover the own vital rhythm, with own breath, is to go into the depths of one’s being in connection with the universe, through touch.